Dragons Crown Review

In this dragons crown review with will mentions requirement, specifications, plot and curiosities about this game. Since it release in 2013, it became very popular among players around the world. The setting takes place in a Medieval world with knights, witches, and demons. It is a 2D action role playing game where main characters’ travel through dark and full of risks dungeons and labyrinths looking for fortune. It ca be played choosing multiplayer or four players in Play Station Network.

Gamers can choose their character and travel alone or with other computer controlled characters defeating assailants. Each character has a strength and one weakness and the abilities increase as you level up. There are two non-playable characters, Ranni the thief and Tiki the fairy, who will show the main character main paths and chests. If you lose your life, another player can recover the bones and take them to the temple to be brought back to life.

The characters are customizable and the background are kind of hand painted, which make world very detailed and interesting. It is a great 2D role play game where you will be rewarded for battling. Commands are easy and it works just perfectly. It received good reviews from critics and users around the world.

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